Bottled jalapeno sauce

Ingredients tomato paste 36 brix: 30%, 15% sugar, vinegar (11% acidity), liquid glucose, edible refined salt, wheat starch, jalapeno, carboxymethyl cellulose, spices (garlic powder, onion, carnation, cinnamon), water

Packages: Bottles 300 gr, 12 bottles in shrink packs
Preparation: served with a variety of meat foods, burgers, and pizzas

Product Descriptions

The inventor of jalapeno sauce was a person named Ben who was into cooking. In 1981 he was dinning in a restaurant with some friends that all of a sudden jalapeno pepper fell into ketchup. Ben tasted it and its amazing taste encouraged him to study this very combination. Finally in 1994 after many tests he managed to introduce an acceptable combination of jalapeno and patented it. Later, it used to be sold under the brand name “Spice it up”.

Jalapeno is a member of green pepper family. It is one of the most popular peppers around the globe and it is widely used in numerous cuisines. It originates in Mexico and based on its breeding and maintenance condition it has a range of pungency (medium to very hot). Size of jalapeno pepper is 4-10 cm.

It is worth knowing that when a certain seed is planted in some other country, it absorbs some qualities of that area, in other words it is domesticated. To prevent this and to preserve the original taste of jalapeno pepper, every year its seeds are imported from Spain and planted in exclusive farms of Mahram Company near Qazvin.

Jalapeno is both low-calorie and full of B and C vitamins. Among its characteristics the followings can be mentioned: treating season allergies, curing pulmonary difficulties, strengthening body immune system, fighting against various cancers, alleviating migraine headaches, and being anti-inflammatory.

Cooking Method

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