Light mayonnaise glass jar

Ingredients 66%soybean oil, sugar, vinegar (11% acidity), pasteurized whole egg, edible refined salt, wheat starch, mustard powder, carboxymethyl cellulose, citric acid, potassium

Packages: Bottles 200 gr and 400 gr, 12 bottles in shrink packs and 950 gr 6 bottle in shrink packs
Preparation: Adding flavor to salads, sandwiches, pasta, fast foods, French fries, and sea foods

Product Descriptions

Mayonnaise can act as a hair mask for treating damaged hair. Pampering hair can be difficult. There are numerous hair-care options; moreover, various commercial brands have presented various hair masks which are difficult to choose one. While commercial products are available and they work, you can obtain the same results by doing some research, applying several natural elements, and paying the lowest price.

Mayonnaise is one of those natural materials to pamper your hair.

Here we point out some of the reasons to use mayonnaise for hair care:

Benefits of mayonnaise for treating your hair:

1- Hair growth

Mayonnaise contains egg white, vinegar, and oil which are all great for moisturizing and nourishing your hair. L-cysteine and amino acids found in mayonnaise strengthen scalp skin and help grow healthy hair.

2- Getting rid of lice

Mayonnaise is very popular to treat hair. If you suffer from lice in your hair, covering your hair with plenty of mayonnaise suffocates and kills lice.

3- Straightening hair

Mayonnaise can straighten curly hair and its continuous application softens and straightens hair and makes it appear more beautiful.

4- Hair respiration

Since mayonnaise has amino acids and nourishing oils, it is a perfect remedy for hair respiration.

5- Creating waves in curly hair

If you ask any girl with curly hair, she would say that doing curly hair is by no means an easy task. It takes a lot of effort to organize and wave curls. Using mayonnaise can help you to overcome hair dryness and wave your hair.

6- Protecting dyed hair

Getting your hair dyed and done mainly damages hair stem. Blood circulation is slower in damaged stem hairs. Mayonnaise helps to straighten hair and maintain hair stem health against coloring.

7- Treating dandruffs

Mayonnaise contains vinegar which is an effective material for preserving the fat balance of the scalp. Fat secretion is one of the causes of hair dandruffs. Mayonnaise cleans the scalp and increases follicle resistance. Mayonnaise helps to reduce hair dandruffs.

8- Strengthening hair

As mentioned earlier, mayonnaise assists stabilizing hair cuticles and preserves hair moisture.

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