CEO Statement

The Besharat-e-Kohan Tabriz Meat Company is honored to be a guest at your table for more than 20 years.

We believe in offering quality products according to national and international standards, attracting customers, and utilizing experienced workers and well-equipped and modern machinery. Besharat’s success is not limited to product variety, but also winning the customer’s satisfaction with innovation, will, and diligence.

In this regard, we honor the memory of our town legend the late Haj Ahmad Qasab Abdollahi, who founded Besharat and to whose efforts and diligence this unit is indebted.

With God’s grace and more effort, we hope to be able to realize Besharat’s goal of development, and our lasting motto, continuous quality, and provide a suitable means to customers for continual engagement and criticism and receive suggestions to improve customer satisfaction.