Introduction to the Company

Thank God who gifted us with the ability to offer healthy and quality products to our fellow compatriots. To thank God for this great divine gift, we will try to continue our mission to serve our dear compatriots with new products that live up to Besharat’s standards. May the Lord accept our recognition of the Creator’s sake as the satisfaction of the created.

Besharat-e-Kohan Tabriz Meat Company was established in Tabriz in 1998 to produce meat products under the Besharat brand name. This complex acquired the operation license from the Ministry of Industry and Mines in 1999 and began acquiring the operation licenses from Food Supervision Administration in 2000. With the grace of the almighty God and the selfless management’s diligence, this unit was able to obtain the Standard Emblem by the Provincial Standards and Industrial Research Administration, and has become one of the largest and most popular food product companies after 20 years, producing sausages, lunch meats, hamburgers and other products in Iran.

The Besharat development project was constructed in 2011 for producing frozen and canned ready foods and various sauces next to the current factory, and obtained the Standard Emblem by the Provincial Standards and Industrial Research Administration, operation licenses from the Ministry of Industries and Mines, and operational licenses from the Food Supervision Administration in 2016.

Frozen foods include Various nuggets, fried fillet, schnitzel, and others, and the ready meals are as follows:

The products produced and offered by this complex in packaging include stews, rice, traditional Azerbaijani meals, salad dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup, and others.

In recent years, this complex was able to initiate a fundamental change in the Iranian food and meat industry, and its valuable fruits are clear to see in the flourishing industry, improved product quality at a global level, and higher exports. The Besharat complex utilizes advanced laboratories, the latest European machinery and technology, and a modern sales system in most Iranian cities to achieve significant achievements in exports.